Why Kareena Kapoor Is Basically All Of Us In Bridehood

Kareena Kapoor is your spirit animal. You may have felt it a lot of times, but during your bridehood, you will be able to relate to her more than ever. Here are some moments when all you would want to do is channelize your inner Kareena Kapoor. 

When someone in the rishta meetings asks, 'Beta! What are you best at?'


Contrarily, if you have already found a partner, then convincing your parents and ghar ke bade log about your commitment be like!  


And finally when it's all done and dusted and you kick off your bridehood with one of its most exciting parts - SHOPPING! 

You put on all those gorgeous pieces of bridal couture and just can't stop staring at yourself while trying them out! 


And the shopkeeper won't stop buttering you up either. 
'Arey madam aysa lag raha hay ye piece to apke liye hi bana hay'


Although trying to stop an autowala during peak wedding season is a little displeasing for a bride-to-be. 

But who cares? Because it's FINALLY time for the bachelorette party! 


However, the real rush is when your in-laws give you a surprise visit and your semi-sanskari ass runs to change into traditional wear 


Also, a sudden hike up in pampering at home, by your fiancee and bridesmaids sure will give you a complete 'poo' mood!


And the best is saved for the last when you finally become a BRIDE & look like an absolute angel fallen on Earth! (quite literally!)


Kareena Kapoor is a total mood and we absolutely adore her for that. - WHATEVER! 

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