Planning a secret meetup? Foolproof plans to sneak out!

Bridehood is your last chance to spend those sweet relationship moments together before tying the knot. Sure, marriage will be amazing! But there is something fun about just being together without all those responsibilities. 

And this might include a few sneaking out dates. Here is a foolproof plan to sneak out so your secret meetup doesn't spoil for any reason. 

Prepare for it

Plan it out. If you make an impromptu plan, you might miss out on something or worse, get caught. Plan with your partner at what time are you guys meeting, where will you get together, etc. 

Spray some cooking oil on the doors which you will go through

Some doors creak a lot and their noise can make anyone wake up quickly in your house thinking there is an intruder or something. Oiling the doors will make your escape easier.

Wait till everyone is asleep

Don't sneak out right after your parents go to bed. They might not be in deep sleep yet. Have patience and wait until your family members are deep in sleep. 

Wear quiet clothing

If you are wearing a jacket, the chain can make noises if it touches anything. It's better you wear something like a hoodie or sweater with some loose jeans. Also, don't wear shoes until you're completely out. Wear socks instead. 


If you have a pet, don't keep them in your room 

If you do, they will start scratching the door and barking, thinking you have abandoned them. Put them in another room and make sure they have peed & all, so they won't wake up in the middle of the night. 

Put some pillows under covers

This is a classic. You've probably seen it in a lot of movies. A highly recommended move if your parents have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night & checking on you. You can also put some wig on top of the pillow so they are sure that you are sleeping. 


Ask your siblings to cover for you! 

If your siblings are supportive of you sneaking out then get them to cover for you like guarding your parent's room so you can successfully get out or handling your pet or asking you to get back if there is an emergency. Siblings can be an amazing support system in this little adventure. 

Act like a burglar

They say if you want to get rich, think like rich. If you want to move around quietly, act as a burglar. What steps would he take to make sure he doesn't make any noise while getting in and out. 

Make sure you've got the key 

Don't rush or panic. Keep your calm or otherwise, you might forget the most important part of it all - getting the key! If the key through which you'll unlock the door is in a keychain, separate it and keep only the single key in your hand. 

Be aware of any safety alarms put in your house

If you've got an alarm system in place, it might ring while you're getting in. You need to make sure you've got the code so you can turn the alarm off. Do this either while getting out or just after your family members fall asleep. 

Enter back as quietly as possible

Remove your shoes, change back into quiet clothing and unlock the door as smoothly as possible. Get into the burglar mindset again and that's it! You are all done and dusted. 

Once you've got all these points in place, we are sure you can now sneak out like a pro. 

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