Future Hubby Asleep? 11 Movies Perfect For Those Bridehood Nights

If there's something that takes away all the wedstress, it's talking to HIM. But he is asleep and you're wondering what would calm down those pre-wedding jitters? We have got the answer. It's MOVIES!

The world of cinema is a perfect escape from the real world and watching something relatable will give a safe refuge to those anxious emotions & quieten them down. So, get comfortable girls. Wear something cozy (like this blessed mess shirt), surround yourself with a few fuzzy pillows and pour yourself some hot chocolate. Below, you will find a list of movies that are just perfect for these snuggly *bridehood* nights. 

Bride Wars:

If you think you are too particular about the wedding details, you are not the ONLY one. These two best friends pick up an epic battle during their bridehood because they couldn't compromise on the wedding venue or date. And when two brides fight for their perfect day, it sure is going to be nasty. 

27 Dresses:

If you have had a wedding obsession since like forever, you have met your alter-ego. The protagonist in this movie, Jane, has been a bridesmaid for 27 weddings. Yup! But what happens when Jane plans a wedding in which she is secretly in love with the groom, you'll have to watch to find out. 

Father of the Bride:

No one in this entire world can love a girl more than her father. And this love, fueled by over-protectiveness never quite comes out as the time when her daughter introduces her to a man who is going to take her away from him. A warm-hearted comedy that spins around this sentiment will sure make you go and hug your father a little tighter the next day. 


And as we are on the topic of overprotective fathers, here comes over-protective mothers who are not yet ready to share their son's love with anyone else. Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez have completely nailed dramatizing this complicated relationship. It goes a little overboard but nonetheless you are going to enjoy the jokes, comedic timing and the classic battle outlay of the movie. 

Veerey Di Wedding:

Millennial brides, this movie is for you! The problems, dilemmas and discussions will make you relate to the societal problems that girls face these days. But sisterhood solves it all, grab your girls because it will be so fun to watch this with them or the next one too… 


Entertaining and hilarious! A movie that is solely focused on bride, bridesmaids and all the wedding planning frenzy that they take over. It will surely give you some hysterical laughs along the way. We highly recommend it. 

Sex and The City:

Messy love and realistic struggles! Doesn't matter if you have watched the complete series or not, this movie is everything a girl would love to see on screen - heartbreak, relationship nuisances, friendship, reunions, fashion, and the beautiful New York City. It will surely leave you with those 'feel good' vibes after it's over. 

2 States:

For most inter-caste relationships, the difficult part doesn't start until it's time to tell your parents about the commitment. A sad reality that most Indians are well too aware of. Humorous, realistic and emotional - a love story that is worth each second of your time especially if your bridehood is a result of this struggle too. 

Love Aaj Kal:

Are you someone who believes that love should be more practical than emotional? Well, this movie is here to prove that love is all emotions and no matter how practical you try to make it, it will find its way in the end. A movie that will resonate with your heart more than your mind, give it a go and you will thank us later!


Yes, we know Vivah is a little too corny to watch. But if you have had an arranged marriage, we are sure you will be able to relate to all the cheesy gooey romantic feelings this movie offers. Plus it portrays our culture so beautifully. If you love Bollywood's portrayal of romance in the 90s like DDLJ, Maine Pyar Kiya, this movie will be nothing short of magic for you. 

The Vow

We bet no list of romantic movies is complete without 'The Vow' in it. It obviously has Rachel McAdams in it, who is the queen of romantic cinema. The movie is based on a true story about a woman who loses her memory after a car accident. Her husband is now struggling with the decision of trying hard or giving up. "How do you look at the girl you love and decide it's time to walk away?" - this wonderful - and teary-eyed romance is surely what you need for lazy bridehood nights.  

We always recommend that you take some time out and just relax during your bridehood. These feel-good and relatable movies can help with just that!

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