Celebrity Weddings vs Wedding IRL

Celebrity weddings look so beautiful, grand and fun. We can't help but wonder if our own wedding day would be so amazing as well. Honestly, some of the things are too close to perfection to feel real. Here are some contrasts you might notice between a celebrity wedding and your own wedding: 

Bollywood: All the relatives look so happy

Reality: At least 50 relatives act crabby for no apparent reason 

In celebrity weddings, relatives look so genuinely happy. They enjoy themselves, give their blessings and eat good food. That's what we expect too! After all, that's what we have planned the whole wedding around - so all the family members can celebrate and have a good time. 

Sincerely wish it was that easy.  An Indian wedding truly isn't complete until some relatives throw tantrums and complain about almost anything - from the wedding guest list to the venue. Urgh! There's no pleasing them all

Bollywood: Everything looks so perfectly put together

Real: Only a portion of your wedding turns out what you imagined it to be

When it comes to celebrities, it seems like they have got everything in perfect places even their wedding shenanigans. As for us, not all things will go as planned. And that's okay.  

Bollywood: Groom and bride looks fresh as a peach

Real: Groom and bride are tired as hell

Although in reality, it's like an endless number of poojas, customs & traditions being done one after another. Or there is some family drama going on. You will feel so tired that at the time of pheras, all you would think about is going to bed. 


Bollywood: Groom gets a simple mehndi

Reality: Noone will let the groom go for simple mehndi

If you remember Ranveer's mehndi, he only got only diya drawing on his hand with Deepika's name written on top. Imagine if you insisted on getting a simple mehndi like this, certainly would be bombarded with a lot of lectures from literally everyone. After all, it's shagun. 


Bollywood: Oh! Those perfect candids 

Reality: Photographer can't get even one candid right

No matter how much you have nagged the photographer before and how many bookmarked pictures you've sent him - it seems like an impossible task to get one candid click right. If you're lucky you might get one good candid picture in your album, unlike celebrities who have got such surreal candids to cherish for all their wedding functions. Not fair!


Bollywood: Getting those lip-lock photos is easy-breezy

Reality: Can't even get a photo hugging each other without a few judgemental glares

It looks so easy for celebrities to get those lip-lock or intimate wedding pics while in reality, it seems like a task to get some cute intimate pictures with your partner. And if you have to post it on social media, it won't happen unless you block some people. 


Bollywood: Bride goes for a no-makeup makeup look

Reality: No makeup look would include a lot of eye bags, acne scars, a few pimples, etc. 

Anushka, Deepika, Priyanka - all of them went for no-makeup makeup looks for their wedding ceremony. They even opted for nude lipsticks and still looked like a dream. In reality, if you opt for less makeup look then it might just backfire. Those blemishes, acne scars need some work so no-makeup makeup look is clearly not an option. 


Bollywood: Getting Sabyasachi to personally style them

Reality: Can't even get parlor wali aunty to properly pin the dupatta

All celebrity brides wore custom-made Sabyasachi lehengas for their wedding. Deepika even had Sabyasachi (the designer himself) at their wedding to make sure her look is perfect. And in reality, forget about spending 14 lakhs on a lehenga, we can't even get it properly draped by our parlor wali aunty.

Clearly, it's not just reel life of stars that can make us have unrealistic expectations, some of their real-life moments can throw us off the hook as well. 

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