22 Life Changes Before vs After Engagement

It's finally happening. You've met someone who you can't wait to spend the rest of your life with. He is cute. He is funny. He is charming. And he just sweeps you off your feet every time you think about him. You've now officially entered your bridehood journey - hold tight! This short and sweet phase of your life will be the best one yet! Here are 17 ways your life will change after engagement:

You can't wait to tell everyone you're engaged. 

Because what's better than getting engaged is to show off that you're engaged. 

Most of the questions that people ask are going to be about your story, your relationship, wedding plans etc. 

When did you two meet? How is he? How did he pop the question? Were your parents impressed by him in the first meeting? People are going to need all the deets. So, be ready! 

You gush each time you introduce him as your fiance

And the giddiness you will feel the first few times you say it feels amazing. 


You now have another set of parents

Your perfect bahu role starts as soon as you get engaged.


You can't take your eyes off your ring

Also subtly flashing it off whenever you get a chance. 

You feel a stronger bond with your partner

There is a sense of security and maturity in your relationship. 

Yet, you will realize that none of the wedding details interests him as much

Don't worry, it's just a man-thing.

Your parents are on another set of cloud-nine

You would have never seen them so happy or proud of you. 

Money issues suddenly set in

There's a reason weddings are a multi-million dollar industry. Sure, you knew that weddings are expensive but when you start planning it - that's when the reality actually hits. 

You experience sudden jitters thinking about your life after engagement

Change is never easy but it's inevitable. At times, you will feel nervous and anxious about this big change in your life but just breathe - everything will be just perfect. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Lehenga color, jewellery type, venue, decor options? It's an endless list. 


It's now time to make use of wedding-related Pinterest boards and Instagram saves 

Pinterest and Instagram are going to be your bibles for all the lehenga related references, makeup inspiration, photography and so much more.


There's nothing better than the shopping


The relative-drama is never-ending!

What's a wedding without some unnecessary relative drama. They are going to get to you and your family at times so we suggest keeping this can't please them all poster in your living room for just a reminder that you're not losing this special time over anyone. 

You will spend twice as much time at the salon and gym 

After all, who doesn't want to look their personal best on the big day!

You will now also be a chachi, mami, bhabhi etc. 

All of a sudden you are favorite among youngsters as they have finally met their newly found chachi, bhabhi and mami. Don't let it drive you crazy though. 

Your siblings, parents, and relatives pamper you like they have never done before or will never do (some of the perks of bridehood)


Your families start bonding

It will probably be the sweetest thing to see. It will be so adorable to see your family get along, have fun and share conversations with your in-laws. 

You will start seeing everything with a different perspective 

Whether it's a movie or witnessing a real couple. You will start wondering how you will deal with these instances once you get married. 

You will add some new friends and followers on your facebook and Instagram

Your social media will be full of requests from your in-laws. 

You start taking interest in cooking especially the dishes your in-laws love!

Cooking will become a new hobby. You will start taking interest in the kitchen and probably learn some new dishes to woo your future husband and saasu maa.  

You can't stop thinking about your honeymoon 

The only thing that will help you get your bridehood closure blues will be your honeymoon. And also, your partner might not be interested in wedding planning but he will be very keen to plan out your honeymoon. 


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